Sow your seeds now to enjoy the crops later.

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Sow your seed now to enjoy the crops later.

You can’t expect to see results the next day when you place a seed in dirt. First it takes time to tend to the dirt to make sure a seed can even grow into a beautiful plant. You then care for that seed with proper nutrition including water and sun. This is exactly like growing your business. A lot of people fail in this business because they are not seeing miles and miles and miles of just beautiful flowers and crops.

You may get instant gratification in this business not saying it doesn’t happen. Make sure your not hounding or begging from friends and family to buy from you or join your opportunity because down the road you will be begging them to stay. Look for people who want to be in sales that share a love for your product or genre your product falls in. Example if your product is in makeup ask yourself does this person even wear makeup? Or if its in health and fitness has this person shared and interest in living a healthier lifestyle? Remember find a solution to their problems.

The biggest thing you need to plant is a seed in yourself. You need to change your cants into cans! Each and every day even if business is slow you need to wake up and hold on to your dreams and the lifestyle you wan’t. Every day you need to wake up and sounds silly but look in the mirror and tell yourself ‘I CAN AND I WILL!’


Personal development is so crucial in this business. Amber Voight who is in Younique says ‘You can’t grow your paycheck unless you grow yourself!’

**Regardless of the company you are in I suggest you look her up she has great inspirational coaching videos and her story is as rags to riches as it gets.**

When I was extremely lost and I literally turned the CAN switch on I was still lost on where to start so I turned to Google and Youtube. Start by entering in your company find the key players and the top of the tops within and listen to what they have to say. Why reinvent the wheel? They have been there and know how to get there. If those videos aren’t making sense to you bookmark them for later because down the road something is gonna click and your gonna be like what did that one lady say?? How did I find her? Trust me I’ve been there a zillion times so just bookmark it even if your like well ‘meh I dunno if this is useful?’ Trust me it will be one day and your gonna be kicking yourself.

After your burnt out on listening to those people I suggest you make a list of things your good at and what you need to work on. Example are you a shy person? Do you like public speaking? Are you outgoing? etc. Then work on the things you need to fix. To get to where you want to be trust me you need to step out of your comfort zone that is where the magic happens! Don’t let your fears hold you back and as soon as that little voice tells you ‘Don’t do that you don’t like doing that’ before you put that on the ‘save for later’ safe shelf I want you to actually make that the first thing you tackle. I’m not saying the next day if your shy to go out and talk to everyone you see or don’t know how to public speak go do a speech. My goal is not to throw you into a panic attack at all! Just start tackling those and working on them at your own pace you know what you need to do or what you want to do to live a happier life. Whats the worst thing that’s gonna happen? They are gonna say no and then guess what you move on. If they weren’t there growing your bank account before and they aren’t now big deal!


A friend of mine by the name of Amber Klarfeld who is extremely positive and just an awesome bubbly person recently taught me to collect my “No’s.” I know what you are thinking right there….Why would someone go out to purposely want to attract rejection?? That sounds like so much fun said no one ever am I right? The point of this exercise is not to be rejected but to grow your confidence by hearing that word you learn not to babble on like an idiot as to why they NEED to join you. You grow the confidence to say ‘Thank you very much’ then enter your own script as you learn to read people. Perhaps you know they want to or would be great at this so you say ‘I’d love the chance to talk about this again in the future because I think you would rock at this is that something your interested in?’ This way you leave them not feeling sold or pitched but also open to your opportunity in the future in the meantime they can see you grow on social media and most likely approach you. The amount of personal development and skills to learn are endless and once you turn this into a passion and about helping others it is gonna fall into place like a puzzle.

I kinda ranted on which I like to usually keep this short so you are working on your business with my tips and not reading my post all day. I just got really excited and wanted to share how important this is for your business and as you grow you will figure out what works for you and your business. Its super important that you don’t give up cause I hit dead ends all the time I don’t hit my head against the wall for hours expecting different results I always am going back to find those tools and skills which they are there! Especially once you find someone you resonate with stick with them because the way they make you feel is whats gonna stick with learning those skills. If this person makes you fell like YES I CAN! stick with them like glue. Remember too when your sitting there with no sales and the person over there is making tons don’t worry about what they are doing just say this works so I need to find my path.

A last little note that I’ve learned from so many people who are extremely successful is that people are watching you! You may think I’m doing all this stuff and posting great stuff but nothing is happening well it is happening. Just like when you plant that seed you may not see those roots growing under the dirt but it is. So be patient little flower you are going to bloom and when you do shine bright like a diamond!




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