Negative Nancy is not invited to my party!


Negative Nancy is not invited to my party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Negative Nancy is not on the guest list and no she can’t be Debbie Downer’s plus one.

If your like me or anyone in direct sales your probably gonna go hit up your friends and family first right? If your thinking everyone you know is gonna jump on your party boat your gonna be seriously disappointed. However you also may have tons of interests, eventually though your gonna run into people who are gonna rain on your parade. Not only will they rain on your parade they are gonna be bringing the clouds and throwing the lightning bolts!

Positives like positives so surround yourself with those kind of people. To build an Empire you can’t do it alone. Get rid of all the negative people in your life I’m not joking with this one. They will jump on you and persuade you from the start that your not gonna make money. Then when they see you struggle they will be there for the ‘TOLD YOU SO!’. Then when you are finally successful they will be jealous of you and mad at themselves that they doubted you. Then the more successful you are the more toxic they will become.

If its starting to smell its probably time to take out the trash! I don’t care if its your mom or sister or best friend from birth they need to go. This is your dream and your future not theirs! Especially in the beginning when you yourself will doubt yourself. Learn those skills to get you where you need to be and before you know it your gonna be a lion and they are gonna hear you ROAR!


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