The pursuit of happiness


I want you to Google the name Chris Gardner.

I then also want you to watch the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.

Its the true story of Chris Gardner.

“It is your attitude towards your obstacles that will determine your success.”

Chris Gardner was a homeless man with an infant son living in a subway bathroom. He did an internship beating out everyone and got the job as a stock broker. He later then opened up his own firm. I cannot imagine a more rags to riches story. He is a huge part of where I get my courage and endurance to keep going.

We all have stuff going on everyone of us. You have to make the time and strive. By doing the following is all it takes its simple.

Get good at inviting people in-
What draws them to your business? What can you do to draw them to you?

Simple but not easy-
The more people you talk to the more prospects and leads you have. The more leads you have the more customers. The more customers you have the more money you will have. Customers make great recruits so the more customers you have the better.

Be productive-
Always be doing something even if you only have 5 minutes.

Some people will say no-
Its fine simply thank them for their time and move on. However let that person still be able to see what your doing and to see your success. You never know who is watching. Your skeptics will become your biggest supporters. Everyone wants success so people will follow you to the top.

Won’t happen overnight-
It just wont. Just keep plugging away though. A grain of rice looks very small by itself but in a jar there are thousands. Same concept just keep doing a little thing here or there and eventually it will all come together.

Getting the big lead-
Not only a numbers game its also quality over quantity. Look for your leaders go for people who know a lot of people that could benefit from your opportunity.

Show up no matter what-
No matter what you have to do. You can’t network or make money sitting on the couch.

Its your dream protect it-
You’ll be surprised how many ‘close friends’ who will tell you to give up. Mainly because they know they can’t do it themselves or lack your vision.  Protect your dreams and don’t get discouraged.

Persistence wins every time-
Just keep going at it. If its not working change direction or technique. Eventually you will find your method.

Its gonna be hard work! Simple but not easy-
You need to realize this NOW. You need to find mantras or something to generate you and that little voice to say YOU CANT DO IT! You need to wake up everyday saying ‘I can do this.’

This is the true pursuit of HAPPINESS.

I go over this quite a bit to make sure I am really working my business. If you follow these steps your gonna make it! Why re-invent the wheel?? This is how and what it takes to grow your business.


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