Be your OWN mantra!


Having had no direction in this business had me on a roller coaster of emotion. I went from feeling like a rock star with my new kit to feeling like I wanted to cry and scream. I watched all these people around me succeeding and I was like well this has to work cause they all are making a check. What was worse was my sponsor signed up a girl at the same time that was zooming. She was hitting levels left and right and sold 10k in 5 weeks. I felt so low but you know what? Its OK! First don’t ever compare yourself its not a game. I now have so many friends in my business that aren’t on my team that I learn so much from!

‘If you want to be successful do what sucessful people are doing”

Why reinvent the wheel?

I felt like such a loser only selling to my mom …literally. So I had to make the decision do I do this or not?

I choose to DO!

First thing I did was I changed my thinking. The power of positivity is amazing. I stopped saying I am or I need to or I will. I started thinking with an I CAN attitude.

You have to change your words to I am or I will or I am going to! Really catch yourself and really mean it. You have to simply step out of your comfort zone or you won’t make it! A lot of direct sales are products. Everyone wants to see,touch, smell and feel a product. So your bread and butter is in home parties or shows and events. So you have to force yourself to learn new skills. I’m very social when its natural or at a get together so public speaking scares me. So your gonna do things that make you feel uncomfortable. You just have to face it. Practice with a friend and really take in their constructive criticism. I know that can be hard too when your punk best friend just told you your presentation sucked. Refrain from punching her in the face know its from love and shake it off. Constructive criticism is your best tool learn from what your doing wrong. How can you get better from always hearing how great you are?

Lastly and this is food for thought cause I know once you read this you will agree.

When you put things off by saying ‘I’m going to..’ Or ‘I need too..’ What your really doing is putting it on the ‘safe shelf’. Saying ‘I’m going to lose weight’ is actually a translation.

What your actually saying is ‘I want and need to do this but I’ll do it later..’ Which then translates to ‘I never put a time frame on it so I’m not a loser for not starting yet not a loser for giving up.’

Push yourself from that comfort zone. When you learn something you need to do and it terrifies you learn a new skill set.

Be your own Mantra!

‘It is your attitude towards your obstacles that will determine your success’


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