You got your pretty little kit now what?

Start learning the products! Front to back and back to front and REPEAT!!!!! Until every molecule in your body is Younique. You have to be an expert with this stuff. When you go to buy something where do you go first? Do you go to a pawn shop or a garage sale? Do you go to an overstock store? (Okay okay…  If your like me your probably thinking ‘Why Yes Brittany! I do!’ You have me there because this girl loves a good deal too!)

What if you wanted a good computer that’s gonna last, had a warranty, got the job done and was sold by a knowledgeable salesman? Still gonna go find the deal? No your probably gonna go to Best Buy and find your computer the first time. You might also then go search for a deal after you got the knowledge. Most likely though you return to the first place you started if you got educated above and beyond and the salesman wasn’t pushy. I know I usually go back to the first place I started. However I’m also the woman who gets dressed and knows most likely I’m gonna end up wearing the first outfit yet needs to try on the closet! Perfectly normal and natural to go see whats out there.

‘If the Value exceeds the price its doesn’t matter how much it costs’ – Grant Cardone

You want to be the hunted and not the hunter. It’s very important that you never sell anything but share it. Share your love for the product and share the value it gives them. Be the product expert! Everyone wants to feel like they got the best and they will only get the best if they feel they got it from an expert. No one wants to lose a deal or feel cheated I know I sure don’t.

Lucky for us Facebook is the best place to get sells and friends and network! So don’t be afraid If someone asks something google it as fast as possible or look it up on our site its all there. Great way to learn things is on your toes cause you never know what is gonna be thrown at you. Also though don’t be afraid to say you don’t have the answer of course not like that though. Say something like ‘ That is an excellent excellent question! So glad you asked me so I now can be educated, let me ask my upline and consult with some other girls to get you that answer. I will get back to you on that one.’ This is gonna make the customer feel so appreciated that your mission is to find that information for them rather then an ‘ Uh I dunno?’ answer.

So your mission now is to try a product in your kit and focus on that one. Once you feel comfortable on that one move on and and so on and so on. Obviously your gonna want to start with our lashes they are our ‘gateway drug’ to all that Younique has!

So I will leave you with this first key is… make sure you put enough transplanting gel on. First thing I did was treat it like shampoo and conditioner. You know how they are the same size but you always run out of conditioner first? Yup I was super naive cause obviously the gel bottle is bigger so you will never run out of gel before you run outta fibers. Another thing I love about Younique they think ahead!

My face was a mess I dropped those fibers all over the place and all over my face! Now that you know, this probably won’t happen to you. Point is though your gonna find a customer who will do this or apply wrong! Guess what now you can use my story and turn it into humor with them!

A few more tips with this stuff and how to add value you to the customer is show them how to lengthen your lashes properly as big as they wan’t! Show them you can put regular old mascara on first let it dry and give you some very nice night time/theatre eyes. Tell them to use this to accent and only put on the tips mainly to grow those lashes! Obviously the bigger you get them the more other fibers will catch and you may need to clean them up with a brow brush but educate them! Show them how if they get too clumpy pop a blow dryer on those eyes ( obviously not on high) warm them up and let them be more pliable.

I’m telling you be the package deal an expert a mentor and a friend when it comes to all their makeup tips, tricks and questions. ‘Fortune is in the follow up.’ You follow up with the order and see how they liked the products if they loved it great! Offer to throw a party for them to earn more of our great products. If not see if you can educate them a little better and tweak their application if they then love it great! They are gonna be a lifer cause you took and the extra step. If they absolutely hate it .. Great! Offer them their money back with our money back love it 14 day guarantee.

Do not be afraid and you will be golden you can not fail! You are sitting on a goldmine!



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