Successfully starting your networking business


⚠ Stop what you are doing and become an expert with your product or service!

Ever been at the store and a sales person asks if they can help you and you say ‘yes.’ Right away you ask your first question and they are like ‘uhmmmm…’ Then your kinda put off so you ask another question and they are once again like ‘uhm??’……….. DON’T BE THAT PERSON!

I don’t want you to go memorize every single ingredient in your products or the life story of the founders. However go pick up a catalog or go to the site learn as many basic facts you can about your service or product. Don’t get flustered if a potential client asks a question and you don’t have the answer either even the experts are gonna get asked questions that are so far from left field. The other day I was asked what was the exact material one of my products was made from.

one big tip in this business your gonna want to remember is ‘know-like-trust.’ Would you buy from someone you don’t know? Would you buy from someone you didn’t like? Would you buy from someone you don’t trust? NO NO AND NO! Right away if you don’t come across as knowing your product people will lose trust and you will blow the lead and the sale. However like I said even experts are gonna be asked questions they don’t know. These questions can actually be beneficial. First off its gonna give you more knowledge and second you can actually make the client feel important.

When I was asked about the exact material in my product I quickly ran to the site. Social media marketing is great like that you can kinda hide behind a screen as they don’t realize you know nothing yet!  FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! After I got that information I was able to sound highly educated. If this was in person obviously I can’t turn around Google it on my phone and 60 seconds later turn back around. So instead of being the ‘uhmmmm person’ make them feel important. Say something like ’ wow that is an excellent question! I do not have that answer but I appreciate you asking and I will research that for you.’ Then you could bust out your phone leaving the client feeling even more important . A.) Because you value their intelligence to ask a question and B.) Because your stopping what your doing to answer their question.

This is just one example and you will find your voice. Like I said ….



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