#Y101 Make your debut!! ( launch party)

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As soon as your ready and confident on your knowledge its time for your launch party. If you haven’t already your gonna want to set up your Younique site and URL. I can’t remember exactly what I did but I think it was just a self explanatory form you filled out. No worries if you need help ask me!

If you haven’t already you get the chance to think of a clever name ! If not Youniqueproducts @ your name is still professional.

At the top your gonna see ‘My Office’ this is your friend. Go there and explore cause everything is in it. Once you can I’d suggest you go to supplies and order your ‘blitz’ cards. These are fancy postcards you can pass out they make a better first impression and are larger so not as easy to lose in someones purse as a business card.

Ok on to the fun part cause I know your dying to start making money! Be a little patient though you don’t want to be the annoying friend who blasts the internet. You want your friends to go ‘Yay there is the lash lady!!!’ And chase you down as if you were an ice cream truck filled with magical mascara! No way do you want them going ‘urgh yikes there she is posting her lashes again! ENOUGH!’

First I want you to go to My office scroll down to my parties click  then scroll and click schedule a party and make it ten days. You want to click that YOU want to host this one. **Key Tip always have a party open for you to direct all your customers to so you earn free makeup**  I’d then name the party something with the word Launch in it. Next your gonna go to your Facebook and schedule an event and get that all setup. Before you add anyone!!! Write in that event a short paragraph thanking them all for joining and how excited you were to showcase these products and to help them with their needs. Make sure you don’t come across as me me me! ( You can also do a group that will be in the next blog please read before you make your group!)

Now.. Almost done!  Add everyone ! After you do that your gonna want to message all your friends individually yes I know that can be tedious! What you can do is send the first message to a friend saying something like..

Hey Brittany!
I know your really into beauty products and keeping up with the latest products. I just joined Younique! I’m very excited about this product cause it is all natural and actually heals your skin while you wear it. I sent you an invite to my launch party where I’m gonna go over all these products and benefits. I’d love to see you there so look for the invite!

Then of course your gonna have to change the name on everyone’s and maybe tweak it to actually sound more sincere and more like your actual voice! Its gonna be a little bit of extra work but just copy and paste just remember to change the name ! I’ve so done that and got the ‘uh I’m not Brittany and now I’m not interested at all!’ message back. Nooooo!! I’m kidding they are your friends they aren’t gonna be mean they want to support you! However I have had many ‘ok thanks’ which totally can be translated to yup not interested cause you screwed your message up and called me by the wrong name.

People love themselves they love to be loved ! So when you take the extra step to personalize something it really makes a difference. Also free, people love free! So when you earn free makeup or half off items or y cash your gonna see that for party prizes.

So at this point I want you to start playing with what works. I’d suggest starting with a picture in the event obviously with our most popular item the mascara. Post what its made of ? How long it lasts? Whatever you wish at this point. A few more tips tag people who you think would like an item. Don’t tag everyone on every item your gonna lose the lead and inevitably the sale. Also never post the link to it in your post its tacky and makes people feel like a giant dollar sign is above their head.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t sale a thing! Its good experience of what NOT to do. I think I did 5 parties at least before I got interest. Really learn from your mistakes and don’t keep doing the sane thing expecting different results.

Congratulations!! You have now just cut the ribbon on your fancy big doors that lead to financial freedom and stability.

Remember you crawl before you walk!


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