#Y101 Get your business out there and make new friends!

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Biggest thing you need to constantly have in the back of your head is branding. You have to crawl before you can walk so the first step is your Facebook business page and your group. I was the annoying blaster all over my personal page , my group and business page. Eventually I learned how I wanted the tone in each of these to be. You will as well just remember most likely your friends and family are linked to all three. Those are the people you don’t want to annoy because you already have trust with them so don’t post everything in all three. In fact its actually against rules for you to use your personal page for business. Be careful you can end up in Facebook jail which means you won’t be able to post your business stuff for a week. Also don’t blast stuff everywhere fast that also can land you in facebook jail. I have never gone so I don’t know exactly what happens.

Let’s start with the bussiness page..

This is where all those direct sales groups are gonna come in handy. Watch for comments of a like ladder or even start your own. You go through like everyone’s pages and visa versa. This is gonna get your name out there all over the place. Plus it will look good to have a lot of likes. Make sure you invite all your friends this will jump your number fast.

Now with the group. This should be fun this is where all the fun should happen. Get people really engaging with you and the products and each other. Play games and use your free makeup you earn to give away or if your new find something in your kit to give away. MOST IMPORTANT RULE DO NOT JUST ADD EVERYONE! It makes people annoyed and its tacky. Make it like a kool kids club make people happy to be in it and special to get an invite from you. Make it fun too don’t just post product to buy. Post pictures that are just pretty or have an uplifting mantra or a video tutorial.

Lastly from time to time you can share from your group and page to your personal page. Really though keep your personal page personal. Instead of putting a product up to sell try posting a picture of you with a comment about looking good in your fiber lashes? Or what I like is place your Younique card (cover the info of course) next to something new you bought! Then a caption saying ‘Playing with makeup bought me this.’ You don’t want to annoy your friends and family cause you already have their trust! These are the first people most likely to join. So show them what they could have too!


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