I know its cliché to say but Rome was not built in just one day.

rolls royce

Said Dr. Seuss..

Haha just kidding this popped in my head and I just thought wow did I just come up with the perfect rhyme! No probably not cause Dr. Seuss was amazing.

Have you wanted to give up yet?

If you say Yes ..then I say GOOD!!!

If your reading this it means you haven’t given up. Most likely you have wanted to at least once. If you haven’t wanted to give up ITS COMING! Ooohhh boy is it coming followed by a lot of binge ice cream eating and perhaps a few tears. Then you’ll pick up the pieces maybe talk to a few people eventually get a sale and everything will be OK! For awhile……. Leave that extra big spoon for giant heaps of ice cream your gonna want to shovel into your mouth close by. Also a tip might want to stock up on a Costco 5lb bucket of chocolate syrup cause your gonna need it.


Think about just building one house in a day. Literally if you had all the help you needed could it be done in 24 hours start to finish? Literally no planning before except just the idea of ‘I’m gonna build a house!’

The answer is NO. It will always be no because the first thing you do is pour the foundation. Concrete never stops curing it keeps getting harder and stronger than before. You just need to get your foundation strong enough to start framing your house.

Don’t next jump the gun and start picking out paint colors and area rugs. It just doesn’t work like that.

You have to start with one wall and get to four.


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