Welcome to Direct sales!


I’m so happy you have chosen me as your team leader!

Congratulations you now are a business owner!

Yes you!!!! Good job! I know it took a little guts but its all gonna be ok. I’m telling you its gonna be a lot of groundwork and leg work and just hard work. Sometimes the work is gonna be wasted but its a learning curve. Its gonna feel like your pushing a very large boulder up the hill. Eventually you will get to the top and that boulder will roll right down the other side. Its so worth it! I’m here for you in any way you need. Trust me I’ve had it not so easy!

I don’t like to bad mouth people I have to tell you this though cause its part of my story. The only reason I’m saying this cause its something I learned tremendously from.

I met my sponsor on a local mom group. We talked all the time we have boys the same age like almost exact birthdays. Eventually she brought up her MLM and kinda sparked my interest. A year later I finally took the plunge. I was so nervous and scared but I thought I want what these girls have. As soon as I signed she put me in all these Facebook groups and then was just gone. I had a zillion questions and every time I came to her it was as if I annoyed her. All I ever got was ‘well did you do this? Or this? Well yeah..you gotta do this!’ After feeling an inch tall for the 7th time I just said to myself ‘well kid your on your own.’ I didn’t know where to go or what to do I was so out of my element. (Before I continue I want to disclose that through my frustrations I only wish her best. I truly believe that you get what you put into this world so don’t waste your time being bitter!) So I immediately googled and Youtubed everything I could think of. This may seem like a no brainer but if all else fails go to Google! You can find anything from ‘how to not suck at direct sales’ to ’ how do I get more customers’ to ‘no seriously I’ve sold one item and its to my mom.’

The first thing I found was direct selling groups on Facebook. I highly suggest joining as many as you can as you get started. See what works with everyone and get good pictures from others in your company. Eventually you will notice its a lot of people just blasting their stuff all day everyday. So please don’t go down that road I eventually realized I was wasting my time. Think about it … who do you buy from? How do you shop? Why do you shop? Where do you shop? I know a few reasons I shop is cause I trust the person or because a friend posted a picture and I liked it and so on. Point is you need to build relationships don’t just attack attack and say buy buy buy! Make friends! Actually take the time to ask about their day and show interest in them. After wasting my time blasting my stuff everywhere and getting nowhere I simply asked for help. I went in the group and posted ‘Help! Don’t want to be a pity party but I want to cry and scream if anyone could show me a few things I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!’ Don’t be afraid of this asking for help is your biggest tool. I know it can be embarrassing but I now have a great group of friends. Tons rushed in to help me from all over the world and what I was most filled with love about was they weren’t getting paid to help. They simply wanted to help and its so great cause they uplift my posts and like my pictures and comment. Eventually once I learned what an upline was and who it was I also was surrounded with love by my team. Sadly I guess this happens a lot don’t do that. No matter what or how busy you are , always check in with your recruits even if its just to say good job on your sales.These recruits are gonna be your family and yes your income. Everyone wants to be loved so dont leave anyone feeling like well now that they got me I’m not important. NOT TRUE your downline is already there so keep them up to speed and feeling loved. Its proven happy people make more money.

Donald Trump has a book called ‘The art of the deal’ I highly suggest reading this. Its from the 80’s but has such helpful stuff in it. one of my favorite quotes is ‘if you you want to be successful do what sucessful people are doing.’ So simple but so true. Learn from others mistakes they obviously didn’t start at the top. The whole point of this blog is to push you past all the mistakes I’ve made. I want you to be successful and have the tools to recruit and have your recruits be even stronger. I don’t ever want you to feel the way I did. I felt like a giant dollar sign was above my head. So naturally I would never want someone to feel this way. I have wanted to quit about 200 times now but this little fire inside me just won’t go out. There is amazing money in direct sales. Stick with it I’m telling you stick with it. What has really fueled me is the fact that I just binge watched presenter videos and then I started thinking outside the box. I started searching for lead generator videos and social media tricks and I was glued. I was totally glued to YouTube for about 7 hours straight. Yes one of those times you go on to see a bands video and you end up watching a giraffe sneezing. I have been opened to a whole new world of knowledge. I want you all to read my posts and blogs and be like ‘Yes YES!!! this girl knows me and what I’m going through like a freaking magician!’ So I’m gonna wrap it up cause I don’t want to give you tons of reading to do. Just wanted to tell you a bit about myself and how I want to help you and how I’m going to help you.

Once again thank you for choosing me!!Means the world and I promise to be here for you.

A.k.a the girl who eventually learned to sell to someone besides just her mom.

One last thing don’t get overwhelmed let things sink in. Learn then apply it then teach it!



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