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Thank you for coming to my blog!

If you are here it means you have started a business so first and foremost CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge step and I am so proud of you and the courage it took to take that leap! It’s gonna pay off big time stick with it and never give up!

let me start out with a little but about my story.

My name is Brittany Keller and I live in Portland, Oregon. I am a mom to two amazing boys named Zayden and Rudy they are my life and my WHY. They are my miracle babies and am so ecstatic to have these little gifts! 10646924_10204739440512447_7739235663060326870_n

On my fifteenth birthday I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma a type of bone cancer. I had always been very intuitive and had known I had it for a few years before but was never taken seriously from ‘a feeling’. After years of pain I finally one day came home slammed my book bag down and told my mother she HAD to take me to the Doctor. She knew it was serious because up until 9th grade I had never missed a single day of school.

Long long very very long story short.. I was diagnosed a few weeks later with a 23 percent chance of making it and cancer that had metastasized all over my body. Against all odds I KNEW I would beat cancer, just like I had known I had it. The battle ahead was gonna be treacherous but I knew I would get through it because I wasn’t gonna concede. Six months into treatment the cancer had shrunk enough to finally take the rest out of my pelvis bone and of course on April 1st. I was told I was gonna lose my leg and I of course knew other wise and once again told the Doctors ‘No I won’t’. As my 5 hour surgery turned into a 15 hour one and a few days in the ICU, I could see I was in the homestretch! Oh but if things really were still that easy….

I continued a few more months of chemo and did numerous hours of physical therapy to learn to walk again. I was literally weeks from being done with it all a year later. As my sixteenth birthday approached I then was faced with a huge infection and once again in the hospital on my birthday. I then had to stay another three months straight in the hospital having surgery twice a week to rid me of this infection. I am now 14 years away from that time in my life and Cancer Free!

As you can guess I was so eager to go back to school so badly and I was told I could as soon as was strong enough to not use my forearm crutches. The very next day they were gone and I was walking on my own. I will admit now as a wiser woman I should have waited but you can’t live life waiting!

After going back to Highschool with little to no hair I couldn’t wait for it to grow back! The first thing I was gonna do was color it bright neon pink!!!!! As soon as I did I became the very known girl in school and started making friends left and right which was nice because I was very lonely. After being dubbed the ‘Guy-Girl’ for so long I felt like a million bucks coming into this wealth of friends! The funny part it took people months until I told them I was the ‘Guy-Girl’ for it to click. I knew at that point I was destined to never let anyone feel alone or that low again! I actually rocked very many styles in school and did hair on a tons of friends, looking back pretty rad people letting me do things from my head,

Flash Forward….Yes you guessed it I became a hairdresser! I graduated and became officially Cancer Free meeting my five year mark all in the same year!

I did hair and still do it to this day and love it! I took a break when I had kids to be a stay at home mom and really hands on with my kids. The problem when returning to work was that they didn’t care how golden my resume was or how long I had worked in the industry but the time I was out. It was so hard to find work at my skill level and after a ton of rejection I knew taking a job for less than I was worth wouldn’t get me ahead. I was happy being a stay at home mom who wouldn’t love to raise their kids? Soon I found I was living paycheck to paycheck and the grind was just getting too difficult.

I was approached by a girl in one of my mom groups for almost a year she kept bringing her opportunity up. I thought sounds great but didn’t have the money and the time etc. etc. One year later I joined her opportunity and was so excited! I put it on the emergency credit card knowing I was making an investment in my future!  Little did I know I would be stuck back at square one. As soon as I signed she became too busy to talk to me and then eventually was just ignored.**Note: I actually want to thank her because having had no direction I fought even harder.

After months of struggling I finally told myself no there is money in this because I see people who are making it! I turned my cant’s into CANS! I knew once again all too well how it felt to be in a low and decided I was never gonna let someone feel that way. I wanted to be a builder of confidence and a coach to financial freedom.

That was the condensed version of my life and I want to continue by saying my true passion in life is making people feel good about themselves both on the inside and outside. I want you to feel proud to be who you are and where you are and to know you did it. Nothing is sweeter than when you accomplish something and I know with a little personal development, skills and discipline you can do it.I know you have what it takes to get success network marketing and inevitably becoming financially free. YES you! Yeah I’m talking to you. If you think your gonna be a millionaire over night then this blog is not for you but, if you want to work hard and obtain freedom then this is for you and welcome aboard!

It took me a year to decide to join direct sales because I had tons of excuses and didn’t think I had the time. I like you really knew nothing about direct sales and the events I attended to support my friends kinda honestly felt like it was a scam. After months of watching my sponsor make money and make a life for herself I wanted this too! Who wouldn’t want to build a brand new house and go on vacation whenever. How about even the little things like going out to dinner or lunch when you wanted? Or not sweating over rent and not living paycheck to paycheck? I wanted this and I knew several others who had accomplished this lifestyle by being part of the direct sales/mlm community!

Quickly I realized I was doing everything wrong. I mean wrong wrong wrong! I was blasting my opportunity everywhere and not building relationships and really wasting time that could’ve been spent earning residual income. I finally made up my mind and said ‘I know there is money in my opportunity!’ So I challenged myself to go look for the correct answers and to be a great network marketing leader.I know you are excited to share this opportunity with everyone and I can promise you with a little hard work your gonna go far.

First thing you have to do is fine tune those skills and learn new ones most importantly you have to step out of your comfort zone cause guess what??? That’s where the magic happens!

I’m extremely dedicated to helping you to become a network marketing leader. I want to make you happy in your day to day life and waking up living your dreams. This blog is constantly updated so you always have new tools right there at your hands to help you. Most of my writing is direct and to the point so your not spending all day reading. However there also is some food for thought so you can find your own methods and your own voice.

I can’t wait to hear from you so please reach out! I’m just like you and love making new friends. I also learn from you as well so don’t think your not bringing anything to the table. Each and everyone of us can learn from one another and that’s one of the things I love the most about our business.


Brittany Keller



3 responses to “About Me

  1. You have overcome plenty in your life and seems like your a great leader to your sons.I would love to work with you.Hopefully we can do some business together.Thanks


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